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For all temporary residence sites where the same questions are frequently asked.

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Bundle all information about your hotel, your offer and your guest's stay under your name, your brand and your CI.

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A fast flow of information can be crucial. Create a platform for your patients and visitors that clearly and thoughtfully brings together all important information.

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Holiday parks

All information about your holiday park at a glance. Make the stay as easy as possible for your guests and save paper waste at the same time.

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Guests Guide offers you a white-label platform that you can design entirely according to your CI and your brand. You can bundle all information about your company, your offer, your surroundings and your guest's stay here.

Design an all-round positive experience for your guest, offline and online.

You must never forget that every guest is with you for the first time. Everything is new and unfamiliar. The most mundane things can raise questions. Give your guest a platform that provides answers to questions they haven't asked yet.
This will also save you time.

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Always up to date

Pass on the latest information to your guests quickly and easily - without any paper waste!

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Easy to create

A user-friendly CMS makes setting up and maintaining your Guest Guide a breeze.

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Dynamic feedback

Your customers can give you feedback during their stay - and you can react to it immediately.


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Tamara Venn
Five Stars

Our hotel offers guests not only a place to stay. With our spa, golf course and tour guide, we offer guests much more.

My Guests Guide bünds all the important information about the rooms for me, such as wi-fi access and the thermostat operating instructions. I can also enter all the information for our additional offers.

This way, all the important information for our guests is easily accessible, and it saves me a lot of paperwork and organization.

Avalon Hotel & Spa

Tamara Venn

Five Stars

The organization of our trainings and events benefits greatly from our new Guests Guide. The setup was very simple and the handling is easy for our kids to understand. Finally no complicated organization via WhatsApp groups!

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