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Create a platform tailored exactly to you and your customers' needs with Guests Guide. In your style and your brand.


Web App

Feels like an app, but is a web page.

Your guests don't need to install an app or sign up. Just provide the QR code* to your customers and you're good to go.

* You can easily download your personal QR code for your guide free of charge in the customer area.


Your Own Logo & Your Style

Guests Guide is a white label platform.

You have various possibilities to transfer your brand, your style and your CI to the Guests Guide. Thus, your Guests Guide seamlessly integrates into your corporate design and is a perfect complement to your media presence.


Custom Favicon

Complement your Guests Guide with your own favicon.

When you download the Guests Guide web app to your homescreen, the favicon appears as a tile and reflects your style and brand there as well.


Pages are the heart of Guests Guide.

Create pages for all the information you want to share with your guest. With our text editor, you can format the page to present a wide variety of content in a well-organized way.


Complement your Guests Guide with images and slideshows.

Images and slideshows enhance your Guests Guide and appeal to your guests emotionally. But they can also be used specifically to better present content and to explain things and avoid misunderstandings.

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Text Editor

Our text editor allows you to present your content in an appealing form.

In addition to flowing text, you can also insert tables or bulleted lists, create links or use images and maps. For example, provide your guest with a table with all the important addresses in your area or list all the important phone numbers of your hotel.


When is the weather ever as important as when you are on vacation?

Enter your location in the weather widget and the weather will always be displayed up-to-date in your Guests Guide, a great feature for your guests.


Smiley extension

Get direct customer feedback - quickly and easily.

Get direct feedback from your guests with our smiley module. And at any time and already during the stay. You can react immediately, avoid possible misunderstandings and avoid bad reviews.



Communication is everything.

Set up contact forms for your customers for easy communication. To get in touch with the front desk, reserve a table or book a spa treatment.

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With your customers in mind...

Guests Guide offers you the möability to implement maps into your pages. Besides the weather widget, this is also an absolute must to make your guests' stay as comfortable as possible.

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Guests Guide offers you a multilingual system. Currently available are: German, English, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, and Japanese.

External Links

Your Guests Guide should be just the beginning of an online journey. Gather all the information you need about your hotel and your business. But that's not where your Guests Guide has to end. Direct your guest to partner businesses with external links, or to öpublic transportation, places of interest, events, or other information.

Time control

Up-to-dateness and flexibility is very important nowadays.

That's why the Guests Guide offers time control. Create a page, enter all the information and choose the day of the week and time of day you want this page to be displayed. Once set, you don't need to do anything else.



TV channels, menus and much more.

The hotel information folder in the room, also called the ABC folder. With Guests Guide, all of this information is digital. So if something changes, everything changes immediately. You don't have to reprint.

A nice cost savings in time and printing. In addition, all the information is in one place for both the guest and the staff.



Guests Guide provides you a platform to bundle all relevant information. Really all.

Information and instructions about the accommodation, inventory and equipment can be easily added to your Guests Guide. Accessible for every guest. And without any paperwork at all.


Your emp­ments

"Can you recommend something...?"

I bet this isn't the first time you've heard this question. Your guests want to get to know not only your hotel, but also the surrounding area.
Create your special recommendations with Guests Guide. You can include partner businesses as well as places of interest, important addresses for daily needs and emergency addresses in your Guests Guide.


Content Delivery Network

Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) connects your web app to the whole world. For you, that means fast loading time for the guest, no matter where in the world they are.