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Guests Guide is a white label platform for you to engage with your guest/user online in your own colors, style and brand.

Always keep your guests up to date without having to have new flyers printed and distributed again and again.

Your guests' online experience is valuable

Investing in an optimal guest experience is worth it. Businesses only have a few moments to make a positive first impression that will be remembered forever.

More contact with the guest in your own name, style and brand. Less paper consumption. Fewer negative reviews.

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Always up to date

Pass on up-to-date information to your customers quickly and easily - without any paper waste!

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Easy to create

A user-friendly CMS makes setting up and changing your Guest Guide a breeze. You don't need an external professional for this.

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Dynamic feedback

Your customers can give you feedback during their stay - and you can react to it immediately.

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Easy access

Your guests don't have to register or download an app. Simply scan the QR code and get started.

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Design your Guest Guide according to your wishes and your CI - with your logo and your colors.

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Create an excellent stay in your hotel for your customers, but also bring them closer to your surroundings.

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You can switch between our attractive price packages at any time - just as it suits your needs.

Icon Sustainability


Publish all information quickly and easily online, which saves paper and protects the environment.

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Time saving

All frequently asked questions in one place, compact and quickly accessible, saves your customers the trip to the reception and you time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doesn't my website make a guest guide superfluous?

A Guests Guide is not intended to replace your website.

Your website should turn people into your customers. The Guests Guide is for people who already are your customers. It gives you the opportunity to save all information about your hotel and your guest's stay in a compressed and clear way. This includes up-to-date information or such 'profane' things as operating the thermostat in the accommodation. The user-friendly CMS also offers you a platform for changing and adding information quickly and easily.

You get a tool that simplifies the flow of information between you and your customers to the maximum, saving you not only paper waste and money but also time.

Can I make changes to my Guests Guide myself? Or do I need a professional for this?

Guests Guide is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. For the guests as well as for the hosts.

We are constantly working on our CMS in order to constantly improve and expand it. Our top priority is always to keep it user-friendly, intuitive and not overly complicated. It doesn't help anyone if you need too much time for small changes or someone with CMS experience.

In addition, detailed documentation is available to you. There you will find an explanation of each function and in case of emergency you can always contact our online support.

Do my customers have to sign up somewhere to use my Guests Guide?


The hurdle for the guest should be as low as possible. Studies have shown that a guest who is only staying 2-3 nights in a hotel does not want to go through the hassle of downloading an app, let alone having to register somewhere.

A QR code is automatically generated for each Guest Guide. Either your customer scans this QR code or he uses the domain and can easily access all content of the Guest Guide via his web browser. If he wants, he can download the Guests Guide to the home screen.

Digital guest brochure

Why choose a guest guide?

Guests Guide offers you an easy-to-use, white-label platform to communicate with your customers easily and efficiently.

For all temporary residence sites where the same questions are frequently asked.

This is the idea behind Guests Guide. Give your guests a dictionary that answers all the important questions about their stay in your hotel even before the questions are asked. Surely you will come up with several ad hoc questions that will drive your guests to the reception again and again.

But if your guest has a condensed manual in their pocket that they can access without much effort, it gives them a positive experience. And saves the way to the reception and the reception the work.

Screenshot Guests Guide Backend


We are constantly working on improving and expanding our backend. User-friendliness has the highest priority. All functions in the backend should be easy to understand and use, even for beginners, so that you can make all changes to your Guests Guide yourself.

In addition, Guests Guide has extensive documentation that explains every function and is always kept up to date.


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White label

Design your platform - your brand, your CI, your name!

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Easy to use - both for your guest and for you!

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Easy care

You can make all the changes yourself!

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Flexible pricing

Price packages can be changed and can be canceled monthly!

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Eco friendly

Daily changes can be made easily accessible to your guests - without having to print and distribute new flyers - this saves time and paper!

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Guest experience

Offer the guest an amazing experience - offline and online!

Examples from our customers

Each Guest Guide consists of individual "Lego bricks" that you can design, set up and place yourself. You can also provide the individual building blocks with a timer:

If there is always a market on Monday, the app will automatically display every Monday: "Today is market day!"


Digital guest brochure

What our customers say

Tamara Venn
Five Stars

Our hotel offers guests not only a place to stay. With our spa, golf course and tour guide, we offer guests much more.

My Guests Guide bünds all the important information about the rooms for me, such as wi-fi access and the thermostat operating instructions. I can also enter all the information for our additional offers.

This way, all the important information for our guests is easily accessible, and it saves me a lot of paperwork and organization.

Avalon Hotel & Spa

Tamara Venn

Five Stars

The organization of our trainings and events benefits greatly from our new Guests Guide. The setup was very simple and the handling is easy for our kids to understand. Finally no complicated organization via WhatsApp groups!

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